Adam: [inhales, exhales] [snores, mumbles] [gasps, groans] Huh?

Adam: [groans, grunts] [gasps]

Adam: [to Mira] Hey, you okay? Hey!

Mira: [groans] [screams, pants]

Adam: I was just trying to make sure you’re okay.

Kai: Keep it down! I’m trying to sleep here.

Mira: Who are you? Where am I?

Adam: I don’t know. I woke up here too, just like you.

Kai: Hey! Who are you? Where am I?

Adam: Yeah, those are the top two questions. Put the fists down, dude. We’re all in the same boat.

Kai: We’re in a boat?

Mira: So, all three of us woke up in this place?

Adam: Uh, yeah. That’s what it looks like.

Kai: Uh, this is definitely not a boat. [whispers] I wouldn’t trust him.

Mira: Ugh, says the other guy I’ve never seen before. So, where are we? And why are we here?

Adam: No idea. Can you guys think back to the last memory you had, before you woke up? Me neither.

Mira: What’s going on?

Kai: [gasps] Do you think we’re…

Adam: Dead?

Kai: I was going to say being pranked, but thanks for putting the whole “dead” thing in my head!

Mira: [scoffs] We’re not dead. We can’t be dead. Are we dead?

Kai: Whoa! An old typewriter. People used these before computers and smartphones.

Mira: Great. How’s that gonna help?

Kai: You could type up your last will and testament. So, any idea how we can get out of here?

Adam: That vent?

Mira: We’ll never reach it.

Adam: We have to try. [to Kai] Hey, what’s your name?

Kai: It’s... I don’t know.

Mira: How can you not know your own name?

Kai: I don’t know, okay?! I can’t remember.

Adam: I can’t remember my name either.

Mira: You guys are weird.

Kai: Okay. So what’s your name then?

Mira: It’s... it’s... What is going on?

Adam: I don’t know, but we have to try to get out. Come on, I’ll boost you up.

Adam & Kai: [grunts]

Adam: Okay, your turn.

Kai: Whoa!

Mira: [gasps]

Kai: Whoa!

Mira: Impressive.

Adam: Maybe I belong to a gym?

Kai: Thanks, dude. Now can you put me down? [screams] Oh! Awesome.

Mira: Okay, seriously, how do we get out of here?

Kai: Maybe we can loosen these cinder blocks somehow. Anybody got keys or something to scratch with?

Mira: What’s that?

Adam: A name. “Adam”.

Mira: Is that your name?

Adam: I don’t know.

Kai: Hey. “Kay”? Or maybe it’s pronounced “Ky”? I like “Ky” better.

Mira: “Mira”.

Adam: Someone must’ve put those in our pockets.

Kai: Okay, very funny, whoever you are!

Adam: Shouting won’t get us anywhere, “Kay”.

Kai: It’s “Kay”! I think. And if you’re so smart, how do we get outta here?

Adam: I think we might have to do something with this typewriter.

Kai: Oh, good idea! We’ll smash the wall open!

Adam: Stop! That’s not what I meant!

[cinder block moves]

Mira: Uh, what did you just do?

Adam: I guess I typed “E”. [pauses] Should we type it again?

[cinder block moves back]

Kai: Great. Now it’s gone.

Mira: It’s some kind of puzzle! I think we need to type the right word.

Adam: Okay, but what’s the word?

Mira: It must start with “E”.

Kai: “Elephant”? [pauses] It starts with an “E”.

Adam: Try... “Escape”?

Mira: E...

[cinder block moves]

Mira: S...

[cinder block moves back]

Kai: Wrong!

Mira: “Exit”?

Adam: Try it.

Mira: E...

[cinder block moves]

Mira: X...

[cinder block moves back]

Kai: Time to smash the wall!

Adam: Don’t!

Kai: This is ridiculous. And I just realized there’s no toilet in here. Help! Help!

Adam: That’s not helping!

[simultaneously] Kai: Help!

Mira: Wait! Maybe that’s it! H...

[cinder block moves]

Mira: E...

[another block moves]

Adam: It’s working. Keep typing!

Mira: L, P!

[third and fourth blocks move]

Adam: [chuckles] “Help”. That was it! You figured it out!

Mira: Okay. So I’m Mira. And I’m good at puzzles.

Kai: Uh, guys?

All: [coughing]

Adam: Come on! The vent! [grunts] Hmm?

Mira: Whoa.

Kai: Big deal, I can do that too. I’m just not a show-off. [grunts] Oh!

Mira: Or a very good liar.

Kai: Hey! Watch the hands!

Adam: [grunting] The grate is screwed in.

Kai: Okay, so we just climb back down to the typewriter, bend one of those key thingies into a screwdriver and--righty-tighty, lefty-loosey? Oh, maybe we can somehow freeze the screws and snap them off.

Adam: [grunts]

Kai: Or that.

[grate clangs on the floor]

Mira: Who is this guy?

Kai: [grunts] Ooh!

Adam: Kai. Kai!

Kai: Oh! Right, that’s me.

Adam: Jump over and grab the cinder block. I’ll pull you up.

Kai: I won’t reach!

Mira: [coughs] Just do what he says!

Kai: [groans] Fine! [grunts] Phew! [screams]

Adam: Told ya you’d make it.

Kai: [chuckles]

Mira: [grunts]

Adam: I’ll crawl in first. You pull Mira up and follow me in the vent.

Kai: No way, dude. I’m not going behind you.

Adam: Why not?

Kai: ‘Cause I don’t want my face up against your butt! I’ll go first.

Mira: Hello? A little help here?

Adam: Sorry, Mira. I’m ready.

Mira: [grunts]

Adam: Got you! Come on!

Mira: What are you doing?

Kai: If anything attacks us, I can crawl away faster this way.

Mira: Ugh.

Adam: There’s something up there. Looks like another vent... [grunts]

Mira: Oof!

Kai: [chuckles]

[grate falls down the hole]

[door opens]

Adam: What now?

Kai: Well? Is it safe?

Adam: I don’t know.

Kai: [to Mira] He doesn’t know if it’s safe.

Mira: It’s gotta be safer than staying in here!

Kai: Outta my way!

Adam: Ow! Hey!

Mira: [gasps]

Adam: [grunts] [coughs]

Mira: You okay?

Adam: Yeah. Let’s go.

Kai: Go where? Where are we?

Adam: I don’t know. But, hopefully, we can find a road and get a ride outta here.

Mira: Good call. So... which way?

[owl hoots]

Kai: I vote this way.

Adam: You coming?

Mira: She’s just lonely.

Adam: Who’s lonely?

Mira: The owl. She’s lonely.

Adam: Oh. Okay.

Mira: Why do I know that?

Adam: Uh... You’re Mira, you’re good at puzzles, and apparently, you speak “owl”.

Mira: I’m starting to think I’m pretty cool.

Adam: We should probably go before Kai realizes he’s all alone up there.

Kai: [offscreen] Hey! I’m all alone up here! Where are you guys?

Adam & Mira: [laughs]

Kai: It’s really creep out here, huh? Like, really, really creepy. Wish we had a map. A map would be good right now because it’s really, really--

Mira: Creepy?

Adam: Kai, just try to relax. There’s gotta be a road nearby.

[wind blows, twig snaps]

Kai: What was that?

Mira: I stepped on a twig.

Kai: Oh. Right, obviously, I knew that.

[owl hoots]

Kai: Hey! We should probably check our pockets for a map.

Mira: For the last time, we don’t have a map!

Kai: But we should check again. It wouldn’t hurt.

Mira: You’ll definitely be hurting the next time you mention a map that we clearly don’t have!

[twig snaps]

Kai: You stepped on another twig, right?

Mira: Nope.

Kai: Adam?

Adam: Not me.

Kai: Then what was it?

Mira: Open your eyes.

Adam: And look down.

Kai: I figured it out, guys! It was just a twig I stepped on! No need to panic!

Mira: So, why us?

Adam: What do you mean?

Mira: Why us three? We obviously don’t know each other, so what other connection do we have?

Kai: [screams] Oof!

Adam: There must be a reason. What if we are connected somehow but just can’t remember.

Kai: Oof! Hey! You wanna watch-- oh! [grumbles]

Adam: Without our memories, it’s pretty much impossible to know.

Mira: But how can all three of us not remember anything?

Kai: Maybe we have insomnia.

Adam: I think you mean amnesia.

Kai: [chuckles] Uh, no. I slept really well, so I definitely don’t have amnesia. Somebody needs to buy a “theesorius”!

Adam: Thesaurus!

Kai: Bless you!

Mira: Was he serious or was that a “dad joke”?

Adam: It’s a major concern either way.

Kai: Whoa!

Adam & Mira: [laughs]

Kai: Guys?

Mira: Someone really doesn’t want us going over there.

Adam: Or getting out of here.

Kai: Well, I’m getting out.


Kai: Ah! [groans]

Mira: Kai!

Adam: Are you okay?

Mira: What? But how?

Kai: I don’t get it. My hands should be toast.

Mira: Okay. That is definitely weirder than my owl thing.

Kai: What owl thing?

Adam: Come on, there must be a gate somewhere.

Mira: Wait up.

Kai: Seriously, what owl thing? So you’re telling me you understood what it said?

Mira: I don’t know, okay? It was weird.

Kai: You’re weird.

Adam: Look! There! The door’s probably electrified too.

Mira: What are you going to do?

Adam: [sighs] Try not to die?

Kai: Unless, of course, we’re already dead.

Adam: [grunts]

Kai: Any luck?

[rock breaks]

Adam: Not yet.

[music playing faintly]

Mira: You guys hear that?

Adam: Where are you going?

Kai: It could be people!

Adam: It could be bad people.

Mira: Whoa. What is this place?

[music continues]

Kai: Look at all that ancient stuff. There might be a power switch for the electric fence in there!

Mira: [knocks]

[door opens]

Mira: Hello?

Adam: Mira, I’m not sure we should--

Mira: Too late.

Kai: What? You scared? Oh, no, oh, the shack, oh, so spooky.

[glass shatters]

Adam: [tries the phone] [sighs] It’s dead.

Kai: Like us?

Adam: Hey, what if... what if we’re someone’s experiments? Like we’re test subjects or something?

Kai: What? So some mad scientist with crazy white hair and a ridiculous accent made us?

Mira: Or some shady government organization?

Adam: It would explain this lab and why our memories are wiped.

Mira: Maybe we’re top secret government spies and just don’t know it yet.

Kai: I wish, but this stuff is really old and barely working.

[recorder breaks]

Kai: Sorry, but we’re not experiments.

Mira: Huh. You think we went back in time somehow?

Adam: No way.

Mira: You sound pretty confident.

Adam: Well, good to know I sound confident.

Mira: [chuckles]

Kai: Guys, you need to check this out.

Adam: Whoa!

Mira: What was in there?

Kai: Don’t wanna know!

[door opens]

Kai: [pants]

[door closes]

Kai: [screams] Are you guys coming?

Adam: There might be something in here we can use.

Mira: Or explain what happened to us.

[cabinet closes]

Adam: Huh?

Mira: Anything?

Adam: An old flashlight, wrench, a bunch of old keys...

Mira: Hey, one of them might open the gate.

Kai: Great! Can we get out of here now? Before those whatevers find us?

Adam: A map. Look, the forest, this shack, there’s the fence.

Mira: And nothing beyond it.

Kai: Come on, let’s go!

Adam: Not yet. Kai, look for a fence switch.

Kai: Who made you the leader?

Adam: I never said I was the leader.

Kai: Why should I listen to you?

Adam: Don’t! Go if you want!

Mira: Can you keep it down?

Kai: He started it!

Adam: What are you talking about?

Kai: You know exactly what I’m talking about!

Adam: Please, be my guest! Continue running away, no one’s stopping you!

Kai: Fine.

Adam: Fine.

Kai: Fine.

Adam: Fine.

Kai: Fine!

Adam: Fine!

Kai: Fine!

[phonograph breaks]

Mira: [throughout the forest] Quiet!

[Demon Dogs snarl, then howl, then bark]

Kai: Are you guys coming or not? ‘Cause, seriously, I will leave you here... in a few minutes.

Adam: Hold up!

Mira: We just wanna make sure we’re not missing anything in here.

Kai: Okay, then, nice knowing you!

[door slams]

Mira: Adam, maybe we should--

Adam: You can go with him if you want.

[Demon Dogs snarl]

Kai: Adam thinks he’s so smart.

[faint barking]

Mira: Do you hear that?

Adam: Dogs?

Mira: Whatever they are, they’re not happy.

Adam: So you’re a “whatever” whisperer too?

Kai: I don’t suppose you guys found any big muzzles in there, did you?

Adam: Don’t think they’d let us put them on, dude. Come on! The gate!

Mira: We never shut it off! What are you gonna do?

Adam: Short it out! Ah! [grunts]

Mira: Ooh! That hurt?

Adam: You obviously speak forehead, too.

Kai: I found the power switch!


Adam: Couldn’t have found it ten seconds earlier, huh?

Mira: The keys! Hurry!

Adam: Come on, come on!

Kai: Hurry! They’re gonna eat us alive!

Adam: Not helping!

Kai: Find the key!

Adam: I’m trying! Got it!

Mira: Yes!

Adam: Come on!

Kai: [pants]

Mira: Adam!

Adam: The keys are stuck! Don’t wait for me!

Kai: I won’t!

[door closes]

Adam: [grunts] Let’s go!

Kai: Oh! Of course. Where else would you build a secret devil dog lab but at the edge of a cliff? What do we do now?

Adam: We have to jump!

Mira: What?

Kai: We can’t jump!

Mira: We’ll never make it!

That Weird Guy: She’s right!

Mira & Kai: [screams]

That Weird Guy: You’ll never make it.

Mira: Uh, who are you?

Adam: Where are we?

Kai: Is that your lab?

That Weird Guy: [laughs] So many questions! You really have no clue, do you? Then again, I’m not surprised. I assume you’d like some help, hmm?

Mira: Yes!

Kai: Help us!

That Weird Guy: Excellent! Oh! One teensy-weensy, little, tiny, little, teensy-weensy little thing. It’s gonna cost you.

Adam: Cost us what?

That Weird Guy: [cackles] So then, do you want my help or... not? Well?

Kai: Yes. Definitely! Whatever it takes!

That Weird Guy: Excellent! I am pleased to be of assistance and will gladly help you. But first, the magic word.

Kai: Magic word? Oh, come on!

Adam: What do you mean?

That Weird Guy: You think this is some kind of game! What’s the magic word?

Adam: Please! Help, please!

That Weird Guy: [snaps fingers]

Adam: What’s happening?

[Demon Dogs whimper]

Adam, Mira, & Kai: [screams, grunts]

Adam: [groans]

Minotaur 1: Besack nomo sento?

Minotaur 2: [sniffs] Nemasoo! Toros Binatto ocroo!

Minotaurs: [laughs]

Minotaur 1: [moos]